June 20, 2006

slowly but surely

by Stoops

template has been redone, PCV's have been invited, and i think we can go ahead and re-introduce this thing. kanoni isn't exactly known for its internet access, so not quite sure how often i can blog, but hopefully enough people join that we'll get a nice mix of people up here.

as for me, i've been busy with this PIASCY II and guidance & counselling workshop, both in kanoni and in kazo. getting teachers to give practical, specific, and creative answers to my questions has been ... difficult ... but at least i've got time. i'm lucky to be working with lots of great people: my counterpart (whose name, and i'm not kidding, is charles dickens), my headteacher and teachers at the coordinating center, my DPO, and my principal are all pleasant at worst, incredibly helpful and appreciative at best.

at my house i've spent a considerable amount of time painting the walls, and now two of my three rooms are a nice, bright white. shiny white is much better than dull yellow. all i need to do now is finishing painting the bedroom, order the second half of my furniture, get rid of the termites, buy the rest of my cooking supplies, and build some sort of oven.

in conclusion, here's a direct chain-of-command from me to bush:

me (lowly PCV)
jeff (associate PC director for education)
mcgrath (PC country director, uganda)
henry (PC regional director, east africa)
gaddhi (PC director)
bush (president ... for now)

i think this places me at 795,678th place in line for the presidency. awesome.


At June 21, 2006 5:34 AM, Blogger Gabi said...

I've been trying to finish a letter to you for about a week now. I miss yooooooooooou. Of course, you'll probably get the letter before you check your email again...


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